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Airplanes, Helicopters, and Drones (Quads)

* * * Celebrating 60 Years! * * *
and 45 years at our current Air Field!

Club Members
Current Rooster
Founding Members
In Remembrance


Current Rooster
Alphabetical by Last Name
* Founding Members
■ Current Officers

Benko, Robert Bonski, David
Caldwallander, Blake Carney, Duane
Carr, Brian Conjelko, Jim
Crawford, Sam Develin, Ed
Drager, Rick Ewald, Herb
Feathers, Harry Gardner, Gary
Grecek, Frank Holsopple, Scott
Irwin, John Kaplitz, Sam ■
Kissinger, David Lundgren, Gary
Luther, Roger Majercsik, Cliff
McFadden, Matthew Miller, Willaim (Bill)
Moore, Grant Oxford, Rick
Patterson, Jim Reesey, Ken
Rohde, Fred Rosage, Bob
Schumaker, Cade Schumaker, Joel
Senft, Bob Shilling, Ken ■
Sliko, Cody Smith, Chris
Stein, Alan ■ Turzak, Mark
Varchol, Dave Wacker, George
Woffinden, Neil Yuhas, Paul * ■
Yuhas, Stephen

Original Founding Members
Bill Bottiecher
Caleb Butler
Don Butler
Jim Patterson
Paul Yuhas

Members in Remembrance

* Past Officers

Butler Doanld *
Anderson Robert
Berkey Dr Robert
Bevin Douglas
Bottiecher William *
Butler Caleb *
Davis W.R. Dick
Duray George *
Dyson Leonard
Farkas Louis
Gardner Gene
Gearheart Kevin
Gerber James
Ginter Elmer *
Glessner Leroy
Grove Dr. Morgan
Hillegas Blair
Himes Robert
Hoffman Henry *
Hoffman Donald
Kephardt Robert
Knee Arthur *
Kohan John
Kough Zane
Lang Paul
Mitchell B.I. *
Moss Gerald
Plummer Boyd *
Richey Verner
Ritchey Regis
Steinbring Robert *
Swope Dean
Walker Donald *
Zimmer Joseph
Zimmerman Daniel *

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