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                  2014 is Johnstown RC Club's 52nd year as an AMA Club

                          Saturday Morning Flying with Sam, Greg, Al, Neil, and Bruce   

                                           Group shot from our 2014 In-Door Fly-In

                         National Model Aviation Day, Saturday, August 17th, 2013
     Johnstown RC Club hosted Cub Pack 51 from the Dunlo/Salix area for a flying demo
        and picnic lunch.   Everybody had a great time!   For more pictures:  Click Here

    Newsletter editor Roger Luther presents Club President Sam Kaplitz with the AMA award
for "20 Year Leader Club" along with the patch each AMA member will receive.  Not many
Clubs can boast making Leader Club 20 years in a row!

                                                     Saturday Morning Flying, June 22, 2013
                                  Fred, Zane, Ken, Bruce, Grant, Frank, and Roger

Evening Flying
Bruce, Zane, Roger, Caleb, Ken, and Scott

The Three Amigo's with their Escapades
Roger, Ken, and Bruce

October view of our field approaching from the north

To watch the 4 minute video from which the above picture was lifted,  Click Here

     Watch the same flight almost one month later without the leaves on the trees, Click Here

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  The Johnstown R/C Club was founded in 1962 and consists of 45-50 members of all ages who like to build and fly electric, control line, and gas powered radio controlled model airplanes.  Our flying field is located between Elton and Salix, PA near the Windber Country Club on Saddle Club Road.  (Check on the "Our Field" page for detailed directions).  Our monthly meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month at the Richland Township Municipal Building on Schoolhouse Road, near the UPJ Campus and the Richland Township High School.  Meetings start at 7:30 pm except during the summer months when they are moved to a later time to allow for summer evening flying.  GPS co-ordinates for our field are  N 40.16.733 & W 78.45.874 and our flying fields elevation is 2250 ft.  The physical address for the field is 231 Saddle Club  Road, Windber, PA.

           (Applications for AMA and Club Membership are available for printout at the top of the Newsletter page)


         .......2014 JOHNSTOWN RC CLUBS 52nd YEAR........

                Website Last Updated on 4/21/2014


Upcoming Events.....
                  Our regular flying season has arrived, finally!
                  On any warm morning or evening, you will no
                  doubt find some club members out at the field.
                  Why don't you come join them? 

                  Annual Club Mall Show......May 2,3,4 at the
                  Galleria Mall, Rt-219, Johnstown  Setup is
                  Thursday evening, May 1st, 7 pm.


Club Meetings....                       
                  May Club Meeting - Tuesday, May 6th, 8:30
                  Flying at the field before the meeting!

                  June Club Meeting - Tuesday, June 3rd, 8:30 pm
                  Flying at the field before the meeting!

   Web Albums:    To view a nice collection of pictures
                  during the past year, and from recent
                  club events, click on the links below:
                  Check out the new videos on the "links"
                  page.  See Cliff, Fred, Roger, Scott,  
                  and Bruce fly their planes.

   A neat video from the IMAA Air Show 2011..... Click Here

   Some fantastic 3-D Flying by 19 year old Joe Smith at
   the Joe Nall Fly-In:   Click Here

         Check out the new videos on the "Links Page"

    Special Edition Newsletter:   BSA Aviation Camporee

   Special Edition Newsletter about Valley Brook Clubs new
   Field at the Conemaugh Power Plant:  Click Here

   A web album showing the construction of the new Valley
   Brook Flying Field:   Click Here 
   An Album of pictures from a trip to the National Air &
   Space Museum at Dulles Airport, The Udvar-Hazy Center
   Many pictures of very unique and distinctive aircraft.
                         Click Here

   Ever wonder what a B-17, B-24, and a B-25 Look like close
   up and inside?        Click Here

       2014 Pics from our Flying Field...Coming soon!

       2014 Mall Show ...Coming in May!

       2014 Toledo Show Pictures 

       2014 Club Banquet
       2014 In-Door Fly-In  

       2013 Pics from or Flying Field

       2013 Mall Show

       A Video Tour of the 2013 Mall Show
       2013 Club Banquet

       2013 In-Door Fly-In

       A Video Tour of the 2012 Mall Show

       50th Anniversary Power Point Show

       2012 Weak Signals Expo, Toledo, OH

       2012 Mall Show

       2012 Pictures from our Flying Field

       2012 50th Anniversary Club Banquet        

       2012 In-Door Fly-In

       2011 Pictures from our Flying Field

       Boy Scout Aviation Camporee, May 21, 2011

2011 Mall Show

       2011 Club Banquet    

       2011 In-Door Fly-In

       2010 Pictures from our Flying Field

       2010 Mall Show

       2010 Annual Club Banquet

       2010 Annual In-Door Fly-In

       2009 Pictures from our Flying Field

       2009 Mall Show

       2009 Annual Club Banquet

       2008 Pictures from our Flying Field

       2008 Mall Show 

       2008 Club Banquet

       2007 Year In Review

   The most common times to fly at our field are weekday 
   mornings 8-11am.  Saturday mornings 9 till 1 pm, and
   Mon-Tue-Wed & Thursday Evenings...4 pm till dark, and of
   course Sunday afternoons from about 2 pm until dark. 
   The Sunday afternoon hot dog cookouts will begin in April,
   and the monthly "Family Picnics" begin in May.
   Family Picnics are held on the last Sunday of each month.

   All flying is dependent on the weather and wind of course!
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